Mission Statement

Value for Time-Value for People. This is our outmost objective in Pilot Beach Resort.

In other words, provide each and every one of our guests with a timeless holiday experience. In Pilot Beach Resort we want to exceed our guests’ expectations though services of the highest quality and sustainable and solid procedures.

The origins of this business philosophy emanate from the ancient Hellenic Idea of hospitality known by the ancient Greek word ‘Philoxenia’. However, these diachronic values symbolise just the first step towards our objective.

In this sense Pilot Beach Resort through modern business practices is committed to a holistic approach of business exploitation towards a sustainable model of development that seeks synergies with and mutual benefits for all the local parts of the industry.

Respect for the nature and the tradition of Crete as well as creation of new job opportunities that will enhance the economic progression and growth of the local society are only some aspects of our business mentality.

We are looking forward to welcoming you under our special care in Pilot Beach Resort.

Enjoy Crete, enjoy Life.

The Management

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