Sports Program

Sports Program

Spend your holiday free time with fitness and enjoy the results of your newly found zest.

Fitness programs are a very important emphasis of the SPA center Olive Spa and an integral part of health programs aimed at the physical and spiritual fitness of the client. Our certified fitness trainer will create an individual workout program for you. It may include both, basic sports classes as well as classes with special equipment; he will also recommend SPA treatments in accordance with his classes in order for you to really get fit and radiate with health and beauty.

Personal Training sessions on the Vibro Plate effectively increase muscle activity. The impact of vibration causes a reflex contraction of the muscles and thus regulates metabolism, positively effects the muscle skeleton system, increases the elasticity of the spine, hence more flexibility in all movements, builds up endurance, strength, helps to regulate weight and gets rid of cellulite. Overall it will improve your physical condition! Training with this technology is more effective than any other traditional method.

Our certified fitness trainer organizes group classes of the following fitness-programs:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Body sculpt
  • X-strong (intensive program with various fitness equipment)
  • Abs & Hips (classes aimed at the build up of the abdominal muscles and legs)
  • Swimming lessons (group and individual)
  • For our younger visitors: children’s Fitness.

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