Green Resort Philosophy

Doing our part for a health planet

At Pilot Beach Resort, we are fully aware of the limited available natural resources and of the impact our sector is having on the environment. We respect the precious natural resources of the region, we operate in a way that contributes to the preservation and conservation, ensuring future generations both the natural environment and cultural heritage, and the conditions for their own prosperity. In this sense, the company adopts and applies responsible policies in order to minimize its ecological footprint in the short and in the long term while maintaining a high quality service.

Think Green

As part of our environmental policy we implement the following activities.

Pilot Beach Resort is licensed according to Greek law and in compliance with all relevant international or local legislation and regulations, including health, safety, labor, and environmental aspects, and insurance policies and other guest and staff protection instruments are up to date and in order.

Waste Management
  • We meticulously recycle our paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and glass and ensure that only the bare minimum waste goes to landfill.
  • We recycle of all batteries, ink cartridges and old equipment and computers
  • We implement a pilot composting program of the food waste produced within our premises.
  • We recover over 80% of our cooking oil.
  • We use detergents, paper and chemicals, of certified eco label.
  • We continuously monitor and measure our waste management performance.
Water Management
  • We continuously update and prompt our staff to save water.
  • All taps are equipped with water saving devices-sensors on all faucets for automatic closing.
  • We have installed water consumption meters throughout the buildings so that we immediately repair any leak.
  • Cisterns are equipped with turbofan water mechanisms.
  • We use shower heads and water spray taps with air saving rates 12 and 65 liters per day.
  • We change sheets and towels on guests’ request in order to save water and energy from washing.
Energy Management
  • The hotel has an “energy saver” key card system.
  • Saving light bulbs are used within the hotel.
  • We have replaced appliances with high energy efficiency ones, reducing up to 60% energy consumption.
  • All electronic devices are inserted to operate only with certified low energy consumption.
  • We regular maintain air conditioners and boilers.
  • We have installed thermostats in the rooms, public areas and central heating or air conditioning.
  • We have set the hot water at 50oC, the air conditioner at 25°C degrees in summer and 23°C degrees in winter.
  • Closing devices from a main switch (ON / OFF and not by remote control, ie stand-by), especially those used by employees.
  • We have installed operating illumination sensors in all corridors and public areas.
  • We have used dimmers on lights so as to adjust the brightness level of the area and avoid energy wastage.
Involvement of our employees
  • Our staff induction program includes environmental good conduct training.
  • We have created a “Green Team” which is made up of exceptional employees who deploy their energy to this exciting project.
  • Awareness is raised between our staff members by organizing certain campaigns.
  • We organize social environmental events.
Green Key

Every year Pilot Beach Resort is rewarded with the “Green Key” label for all the efforts the hotel has done to contribute to a greener world.
Of course, this recognition does not mean that we have reached our goal. We have the intention of going further in the same direction the following years and will do our utmost to continue raising awareness for this important theme with different kinds of actions.
Furthermore 5*Pilot Beach Resort has integrated in the F&B supply its own Biological Farming with an Olive Grove of 3.000 olive trees, avocado trees, vegetables (tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, etc.) and fruits (Melons) garden, that is situated in the land behind the hotel premisses. The production is sufficient to cover 30% of the resort’s food needs.

Blue Flag

Our beach is awarded with the “Blue Flag”, a program of environmental awareness and protection which is implemented every year in more than 40 countries in Europe and other parts of the world. It aims at making beaches better organized and safer for swimming, while at the same time protecting their natural environment, so that we may always enjoy them.
Your involvement is important! We encourage our guests to contribute as well to a more sustainable world. Information and tips are given in our hotel directory, on the public computers in the lobby and in leaflets available at reception.All efforts, no matter how small they are, are important to make a “greener” world of difference.

Pilot Farm

Pilot Beach is integrated into nature and consists of organic crops with 3,000 olives, avocados, vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, etc.) and fruits (Melons).

The production is sufficient to cover 30% of the hotel’s food needs.

There is also a traditional Cretan house and there are demonstrations of cooking, weaving, wine and olive production.

Olive oil is the most important ingredient in the Cretan diet.

We produce organic olive oil not only to use in our kitchen but also to offer it as a souvenir gift to all our guests upon their departure.

A gesture that became tradition within the Pilot family.