Unique Treatments

Unique Olive Spa Treatments in Gergioupolis

Olive Spa in harmony with Cretan Nature uses strictly natural products of the Cretan region for its Unique Olive Spa treatments:

  1. Cretan honey, the unique composition of vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes, well known for its regenerating and healing capacities
  2. Heavenly scented mountain herbs with their soothing, toning and anti-inflammatory qualities
  3. Homemade yoghurt from goat’s milk, a natural probiotic and source of vitamin D and B12
  4. Carob, an endemic natural chocolate substitute, rich in minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron and proteins
  5. Homemade, biological Virgin Pilot Olive Oil- a true source of health and vitamin E, intensely nourishing for the skin.

Our Beauty specialists also use many other natural products for their Unique Olive SPA treatments.


This massage is based on the Mediterranean (Greek) massage. The original technique was developed on the basis of an ancient Greek massage and helps you to relax deeply. Fragrance of the Cretan mountain herbs and hot stones will reveal the secret of harmony between body and soul to you. Lose yourself in time and space.


Experience the natural products of Crete: Grape extract, homemade goat yogurt, mountain herbs have excellent rejuvenating effects. In their processing they will unfold the magic of ancient beauty secrets, help the recovery of the skin, make your skin silky and enhance your femininity.


The application of hot, fragrant Cretan Mountain Herb stamps while being massaged is a powerful ritual, an aromatic experience that embrace your body and soul in a world of natural fragrances.


The effectiveness of this massage is due to the ability of the enzymes found in Cretan honey to interact with your skin cells. Honey is also a powerful anti-toxin, it makes your skin feel wonderfully smooth and silky.


Heavenly scented, melted carob chocolate applied during your massage is a great way to restore your harmony. Carob is a fruit of the Mediterranean Carob tree and naturally rich in Vitamin E, the number 1 anti-aging agent.


A massage with a traditional Cretan all-remedy named “RAKI”. Just a few drops of Alcohol with antiseptic properties, mixed with natural essential oil and our home-made Olive oil will sharpen your senses and energize your body by improving your blood circulation.

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