Body Forming Spa

Olive Spa body forming spa treatments

Enjoy your holidays gaining a healthy and shapely body with the help of modern technology or manual treatments.

Aesthetic cosmetology uses different devices for effective body shaping and correction of problem zones.

The Spa area disposes of a body correction parlor equipped with ultra modern apparatus:

The most recent development of the company Mego Afek, the creators of the pressure therapy is a new device named BALLANCER 505. It has 4 programs of restoring; the basic program called PRESSOTHERAPY uses compressed air to stimulate natural lymph drainage. It relieves from swelling, excess body weight and prevents the appearance of cellulite; it also eliminates spider veins and is a countermeasure for varicose veins.

The vacuum-roller device STARVAC, lymph drainage through intensive vacuum massage, initiates lipolysis of the stored body fats to improve the appearance of skin and shape your body. The «Starvac» device is considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce cellulite and stored fats in your body.

The unique device ULTRA TONE – is a revolutionary system for passive muscle stimulation using supersonic frequencies, light and ultrasound on your entire muscle system. Ultra Tone is used for many purposes: Body shaping, weight loss, cellulite treatment, lymph drainage, body and muscle toning, lifting of the skin, detoxification, muscle build-up, body reshaping after childbirth.

Part of the therapies for body shaping also is personal training with a new generation device called VIBRO PLATE, a universal and safe machine to stimulate and train all body systems. Through gentle exercise and exposure to a particular vibration waves, weight loss, cellulite reduction and muscle build-up is achieved soon, which will help to improve your entire physical condition significantly.

In addition to our mechanic treatments we also offer manual treatments or the effective combination of both.

The manual therapy SLIM SILHOUETTE is highly effective for weight loss and fighting cellulite. A therapy that aims at the abdomen – buttocks – hip problem zones. Visible results already after the first treatment.

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