The Olive Spa Menu Arrangements

SPA arrangements area holistic approach to beauty of body and soul in which every treatment detail has been wisely thought through. A chosen combination of therapies in fixed programs will help you to achieve the desired results quickly and effectively. Programs with various aims for rejuvenation and detoxification of the body, for body shaping and weight reduction or skin recovery and relaxation are available. Our skilled personnel are always at your disposal to give you professional advice in all matters in order to find the right program tailor made for your needs and achieve visible results.


Feel the touch of Cretan Nature

  • 1 Bath with Cretan Herbs in the Hydroxeur “Florida”
  • 1 Body massage with Cretan Olive oil mixed with essential oil
  • 1 Honey Body Pack (Body peeling, Body wrap)
  • 1 Nourishing Facial Treatment with Aloe Vera


Empowered by the sea

  • 1 Thalasso Bath in the Hydroxeur “Florida”
  • 1 Vichy Shower / 1 Thalasso Sea salt Body Peeling
  • 1 Thalasso Body Wrap with seaweed / 1 Thalasso Body Massage


Your special date with Beauty

  • 1 Sugar Body Peeling / 1 Aromatherapy massage
  • 1 Facial treatment “Flower Power”
  • 1 SPA Manicure / 1 SPA Pedicure


Quickstep Rejuvenation

  • 1 Body Peeling / 1 Body wrap
  • 1 Body Massage with essential oils


Tension away

  • 1 Passive Stretching
  • 1 Foot massage or special gymnastic for the upper body
  • 1 Anti-stress massage for head, neck and shoulders


Rebirth through motion

  • 4 Personal training 50 min sessions with weights or with the following: Pilates, Yoga, Cross training, TRX
  • 3 Private Vibro Plate sessions (Private Training)


The easy way to lose weight

  • 2 Ultratone Cellulite treatments or 2 Starvac vacuum massages
  • 2 Excessive body liquid drainage baths
  • 2 Detox baths
  • 3 Vibro Plate sessions (Private Training)


Visible Difference

  • 2 Starvac vacuum massages / 2 Ultratone cellulite treatments
  • 2 Manual anti-cellulite massage or lymph-drainage massage
  • 3 Excessive body liquid drainage baths
  • 3 Vibro Plate sessions (Private Training)


SPA with a male temper

  • 1 Detox bath
  • 2 Sport massage
  • 1 Marin Oxhylium (facial treatment)
  • 1 Pedicure


Dream Results

  • 3 baths in the Hydroxeur “Florida”
  • 3 massages under water
  • 1 body peeling
  • 1 body wrap
  • 6 different massage types
  • 4 facial treatments

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