Olive Spa in Harmony with Nature

Our philosophy

Nature does nothing without reason Aristotle

The island of Crete has been abundantly blessed by nature. For centuries the Cretans have been using Mountain Herbs, Olive Oil and Cretan honey for healing and beauty purposes. Those precious gifts of the Cretan nature serve as powerful anti-aging agents.

The Olive tree is the Symbol of eternal youth. It can get as old as 1000 years and has the amazing capacity to heal itself. It seems that the Olive tree can pass this very gift on to people. Its unsaturated acids have a proven positive effect on the coronary circulation system and influence cholesterol levels positively.

Olive Spa in harmony with Cretan Nature uses strictly natural products and biological Pilot olive oil for its UNIQUE SPA TREATMENTS.

All traditional methods in the Olive SPA are based on a holistic approach:

Body, Spirit and Soul as ONE.

It is our calling to help our guests find serenity, inner balance and experience the ancient strength of the Cretan soil.